Assured and Agile GEOINT

Explore how Maxar’s Earth Intelligence capabilities contribute to U.S. national security.

Solving Our Earthly Problems With Images From Space

This Washington Post feature examined how the unprecedented ability to monitor, analyze and communicate across our planet is underpinned by timely and reliable information from satellites. With the launch of our WorldView Legion satellites in 2021, we will be able to help our government partners solve complex challenges with even greater speed, scale and precision.

Technology For Transparency

This Forbes feature explores how one critical input for increased transparency and Earth Intelligence is timely, accurate satellite imagery, which offers the power to make decisions based on more rigorous, complete information.

Gain a geospatial perspective on real-world problems

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Innovating the business model of defense

The rise of near-peer adversaries is resetting the Pentagon’s priorities and approach to sustaining military competitive advantages. Maxar’s Dan Jablonsky and other thought leaders discuss how the DoD can adapt acquisition practices to improve its access to the U.S. innovation base.

Deep Learning Detects Elephants in Maxar Satellite Imagery

Accurate monitoring is vital to protect African elephants. A group of researchers outline how they used Maxar satellite imagery and deep learning to detect elephants from space with comparable accuracy to human detection capabilities. This object detection method solves various existing challenges and could be applied to numerous other use cases.

Expanding Requirements Driving NRO’s Imagery Acquisition Strategy

Speaking with Breaking Defense about NRO's commercial satellite imagery acquisition plans, Maxar CTO Dr. Walter Scott explained how the company is uniquely positioned to meet a diverse set of national security requirements. With the launch of WorldView Legion, Maxar will more than triple its 30 cm imagery capacity and be able to image some of the most dynamic locations on Earth up to 15 times per day.

Introducing Maxar ARD: Accelerating the Pixel-To-Answer Workflow

Maxar’s Analysis-Ready Data (ARD), enables data scientists, analysts, and other users of satellite imagery to stop worrying about organizing and preprocessing inputs and instead skip straight to analysis.

Agility and Access—Keys to Collecting Images for Time-Dominant Missions

While satellite imagery resolution is a valuable and well-understood metric, there are other technical characteristics that determine whether a satellite constellation can deliver the right image at the right time. In his latest blog, Maxar CTO Dr. Walter Scott explains how satellite agility and access correlate to mission success.

Commercial GEOINT in the Era of Near-Peer Nation Competition

During his talk at the Intelligence & National Security Summit on September 17, 2020, Maxar CEO Dan Jablonsky shared his thoughts on how Earth Intelligence technologies contribute to U.S. national security and how commercial innovation will allow the intelligence community and warfighters to prepare for and operate in the conflicts that may lie ahead.

Earth to Techies: Let’s Map It All

Maxar CEO Dan Jablonsky met with Wall Street Journal’s Andy Kessler to discuss the promise of Maxar’s upcoming WorldView Legion satellites. They detail use cases ranging from mapping for the military and consumer maps to 3D for flight simulators and gaming.

Commercial Innovation for National Security Challenges

During the Intelligence & National Security Summit co-hosted by AFCEA and INSA in September 2020, Tony Frazier, Maxar’s Executive Vice President of Global Field Operations, discussed some of the enormous challenges that the United States is facing and how innovative commercial solutions are being leveraged to respond to these challenges.

FP Virtual Dialogue: Actionable Intelligence During Crises

Maxar teamed with Foreign Policy to present a high-caliber conversation about the critical importance of U.S. commercial and government cooperation to drive actionable intelligence gathering. Watch the recording to hear from leading voices across the defense and intelligence communities.

Critical Evidence of the Ukrainian Airliner Crash in Iran

In January 2020, Ukrainian International Airlines Flight PS752 crashed, killing all passengers and crew. Maxar’s News Bureau and FirstLook event imaging teams immediately went into action to collect visual evidence of the crash site and surrounding area. See what we found, using our commercial Earth Intelligence capabilities for global transparency.

Clarity and Confidence: The Impact of Image Resolution

High spatial resolution reveals smaller features such as vehicles, buildings and even people—details that affect critical decisions. See how high-resolution imagery provides answers for city planning, autonomous vehicles, disaster relief and national security.

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