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Keeping pace with change

Change, for better or for worse, is a constant reality. We invite you to take a look at how Maxar is engineering technology to change the way we explore space and respond to change here on Earth.

Previous Themes

Engineering the future

Maxar is powered by a diverse body of data scientists, engineers, analysts, roboticists, and creative problem-solvers who work on a wide range of programs. Here's a look at some of our current endeavors and achievements.

Impactful partnerships

At Maxar, we believe in the power of collaboration and exercise it every day. Our diverse network of partnerships allows us to amplify the impact of geospatial data technology in a variety of ways: commercial operations, national security, space exploration, environmental conservation, global connec...

Making history in space

Our renowned space infrastructure capabilities are rooted in the innovative legacy of SSL (Space Systems Loral). Now, as Maxar, we are building on this experience to empower commercial and government programs to advance space exploration and improve life on Earth.

Evolution of Mapping

These days, there is a multitude of ways to read a map. And build one. Mapping technologies are rapidly evolving thanks to advancements in remote sensing, geospatial analytics, and compute power.This month we dive into how these innovations are helping AI navigate city streets, first-responders iden...

Earth Intelligence

As we all strive to better understand our world, Maxar is developing valuable Earth Intelligence; combining multi-source data and applied artificial intelligence, machine learning, and rich domain knowledge to deliver insight as a service.


From tech startups to evolving nations, everyone is looking to the stars for answers. Explore how Maxar is evolving and collaborating with partners to make space operations more resilient and critical information more accessible.

Intelligent Connectivity

Everything happens somewhere. And advanced remote sensing, machine learning, plus cloud technology are powering valuable geospatial context and scalable intelligent connectivity. Maxar Technologies designs, builds, and manages the systems that make this digital transformation possible. ...

Supporting Humanitarian Relief

When crises like refugee displacement, wildfires and disease outbreaks occur, Maxar is committed to supporting humanitarian relief and fulfilling its purpose of Building a Better World by providing critical and actionable information to assist response efforts.

What is the New Space Economy?

There is a new commercial center of gravity. The new space economy is the marketplace for developing everything required to reach, explore, view, communicate, and gain insight from space and from the ground, as well as what is required to support and sustain these activities.

Celebrating 2018

The end of the year is an opportunity to take a moment, reflect on the past year and recap accomplishments. Celebrating achievements is a helpful way to improve future performance as well. The following successes inspired us most in Maxar’s first year of accelerating innovation for the new space eco...

Fulfilling our Purpose

At Maxar Technologies, we believe that insights unlock infinite possibilities. And what inspires us, what keeps us pushing beyond the limits of what’s currently possible, is our primary purpose: To create the connections and intelligence that build a better world.

Innovation for Government

A new space renaissance is upon us—an era of opportunities for innovation and disruptive technologies that push the limits of what we can do on Earth and in space. Governments around the world are looking to the future, and embarking on missions to solve problems, explore space and better understand...

Solving Problems in Space

At Maxar, we develop technologies essential for sustainable exploration of deep space. With our on-orbit servicing capabilities we can solve problems, add capabilities and refuel space vehicles—the pit-stop services (hundreds of miles up) that enable a new era of exploring and understanding the univ...

Solving Problems from Space

Real-time, persistent monitoring of our ever-changing planet from space delivers insights that benefit people around the globe, supports commercial business and government missions, and helps address the most pressing challenges of our time, things like climate change, poverty and controlling the sp...


Maxar Technologies is at the nexus of the new space economy, developing and sustaining the infrastructure and delivering innovative products, services, systems and solutions that unlock the promise of space for commercial and government markets. At Maxar, we focus on ideas and technologies that solv...