Maxar brings together Earth and space technologies that enable unprecedented capabilities to observe, analyze and monitor, and communicate across our planet and throughout the solar system.

Celebrating 2018

11 Highlights from Maxar's First Year

These successes inspired us most in Maxar's first year of accelerating innovation for the new space economy.

Forging Trusted Partnerships

DigitalGlobe's EnhancedView contract is one of the numerous contract extensions won this year across Maxar.

Standing with NASA

At POLITICO’s “New Space Age” event, Maxar President and CEO Howard Lance shared the opening remarks before Jim Bridenstine’s first public speaking engagement as NASA Administrator.

Our first introduction to the GEOINT Community

In April, Maxar made a splash at the 2018 GEOINT Symposium.

Unlocking Insights from Geospatial Data with Ease

The launch of DigitalGlobe's EarthWatch enables customers to extract value from geospatial information in one simple interface.

Operating a New Robot Arm on Mars

Over its upcoming two-year mission, InSight will use SSL’s latest robotic arm to maneuver its scientific instruments directly onto the surface of Mars.

Completing the RADARSAT Constellation Mission (RCM)

Set to launch early 2019, RCM will see through clouds and darkness to provide maritime surveillance, disaster management, and ecosystem monitoring for Canada and beyond. In August, MDA’s Montréal facility had a special visit from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to see the last spacecraft prior to shipping.

Leading NGA’s GEOINT Modernization

As a prime contractor for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency's (NGA) Janus Geography mission, Radiant Solutions will lead a team of more than 25 partners to provide the NGA with near real-time access to commercially created datasets to support critical defense and humanitarian assistance missions.


Maxar is thrilled to have been named to Forbes 2018 best mid-sized employers list.

Awarded SBIR Phase III Contract by NGA

Through this contract, Radiant Solutions will expand development of machine learning and crowdsourcing capabilities to augment global GEOINT missions.

Developing Space Robotics with the UK

After acquiring Neptec Design Group in July, along with its space-qualified camera and LIDAR expertise, MDA was positioned to win a commitment from the UK Space Agency.

Pioneering On-Orbit Spacecraft Assembly

SSL leads Dragonfly, a NASA “tipping point” project to enable satellites to self-assemble on orbit. For this public-private partnership, SSL has recently completed a ground demonstration, proving the concept for semi-autonomous robotic assembly of geostationary communications satellites.

Unlocking the Multiplier Effect through the Power of X

The Maxar Missions video series explores how Maxar does what no other single company can by delivering integrated space solutions to solve our customers’ most complex challenges.

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