Discover how Maxar Space Infrastructure and Earth Intelligence capabilities help customers unlock new possibilities for a better world.

More than mapping

Mapping the last mile

Turn-by-turn and step-by-step, your maps matter. Providing GPS systems with accurate mapping data is essential for efficient routing.

Space technology is enabling advancement on Earth in ways we never dreamed

Some of the most important, consequential, and, frankly, coolest new innovations on Earth are being driven by new technology up in space.

See more, do more with high-definition imagery

When your business decisions require you to identify small features on the ground, an improved visual experience is key. With enhancements like HD, we are able to make our highest-quality imagery products even better.

Advancing crowdsourcing capabilities with imagery analysis

How is geospatial technology helping to evolve crowdsource capabilities? Here’s a behind the scenes look at how GeoHIVE designs and deploys campaigns with up to 100,000 known features that can be verified and assigned an attribution.

Facebook's population density map of Africa

By the end of 2019, Facebook AI researchers plan to map the world’s entire population. First stop, Africa. Take a look at the process, which leverages Maxar satellite imagery, public census data, and AI to estimate population based on human-made structures--plus an extra measure to verify results with the World Bank.

HD Mapping for Autonomous vehicle Programs and privacy

The foundation for autonomous safety, efficiency and reliability begins with geospatial data derived from high-resolution satellite imagery. And by building proprietary HD maps with Maxar, automotive OEMs can secure valuable business intelligence while advancing innovation at their own pace.

Explore our interactive map to reveal different types of extracted features like paint lines and road signage.

Supporting geospatial intelligence missions at scale

Switching gears, from government to commercial, Mary Irvin shares how geospatial intelligence is evolving to support missions at scale and why she chose to join the Maxar team (formerly Radiant Solutions).

Maxar NaturalVue 2.0 and NUCI selected for ESRI Living Atlas

"Over 350,000 organizations have access to maps in ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World. We are delighted to continue our close collaborative working relationship with Maxar," said Jack Dangermond, Esri founder and president.

Utilizing geoAI to monitor urban green space from space

Green City Watch taps into Maxar’s high-resolution satellite imagery and the latest advancements in a new field called ‘geospatial artificial intelligence’ (geoAI) to map the quality of urban green space. Previously, satellite imagery and GIS had mainly been used to map the quantity of green space, or perform land use/land cover change analyses. But we are taking the analysis further.

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