Discover how Maxar Space Infrastructure and Earth Intelligence capabilities help customers unlock new possibilities for a better world.

Engineering the future

The New World Map

In an interview with Automotive World, Maxar VP of New Business Development, Kevin Bullock, shares insight on how high-resolution satellite imagery is empowering scalable HD mapping for autonomous vehicle programs and beyond.

How robotics will shape the future of satellite operations

The Hubble Space Telescope and the International Space Station only exist in their current form due to robotic technology powered by MDA, a Canadian subsidiary of Colorado space giant Maxar. Robot arms maintained or built these essential cosmos facilities, and soon could go much further.

That’s because Maxar wants to bring the same skills into a whole new field...

Rising Stars in Aerospace and Defense

“Whether I’m working on solutions to enhance humanity’s exploration of Mars or the moon, or keeping the globe connected, the work we do has a real, measurable impact on the world, and that keeps me driven,” Neetha Iyer, Senior Director of Advanced Systems at Maxar, shares her story with Woman Engineer magazine.


"Achieving this AWS Public Safety and Disaster Response Competency status is the latest evolution of Maxar’s long-term partnership with AWS. Our team is dedicated to helping our public sector partners and customers ensure timely and effective response to disasters by leveraging Maxar Earth imagery and analytics solutions powered by AWS.”

-Tony Frazier, EVP, Global Field Operations

Technology or Magic?

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic,” said Arthur C. Clarke.

Our very own Dr. Russell Sieron, Principal Software Development Engineer, shares the magic behind technologies through the years, and our more recent breakthrough on Imaging through Volume Turbulence (IVT).

Empowering and measuring SDG progress

Apogeo Spatial Vol. 34 / No. 2

In 2017, the UN General Assembly adopted an indicator framework and assigned more defined targets to make the goals more concrete and measurable. While a few countries are on track to meet SDG targets, many more are not and may or may not know it.

How do these organizations measure and document success?

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