Maxar brings together Earth and space technologies that enable unprecedented capabilities to observe, analyze and monitor, and communicate across our planet and throughout the solar system.

Fulfilling our Purpose

A Pixel is Worth a Thousand Words

Fulfilling Maxar's purpose with the Maxar News Bureau.

Supporting Recovery Efforts in Indonesia from Space

DigitalGlobe's satellite imagery helps Indonesian relief workers sort through the earthquake and tsunami aftermath.

Providing more interactive education to children in remote areas

The SSL-built Sky Muster communications satellites provide fast broadband to very remote areas in Australia.

Aiding in AP Investigation that Frees 2,000 Slaves

DigitalGlobe's WorldView-3 satellite solved the problem of locating and identifying fishing vessels engaged in illegal activity by delivering indisputable evidence of human trafficking.

Using Robotic Technology Designed for the ISS to Fight Breast Cancer

How technology developed by MDA for the International Space Station was adapted to increase access to breast cancer screenings.

Monitoring Climate Change

Technology from Maxar's DigitalGlobe, MDA and SSL provides evidence on how climate change affects Earth.

Providing high-resolution satellite imagery to support disaster recovery

When crises occur, DigitalGlobe is committed to supporting the humanitarian community by providing critical and actionable information to assist response efforts with its Open Data Program.

Canada's RADARSAT-2 Monitoring the Nation for Over 10 Years

MDA-built RADARSAT-2 has provided maritime surveillance of Canadian coastlines, monitored ecosystems, agriculture and the impacts of climate change.

Connected Crisis

In the U.S., 2017 was a landmark year for natural disasters—and a data-driven turning point for domestic crisis mapping including optical imagery from DigitalGlobe and SAR data from MDA.

Which Brands Inspire Consumers the Most with their Missions

"...In the 21st century, the great brands will inspire people around something bigger than just consumption and will actually inspire people around the mission, the purpose that the brand stands for.” -Sebastian Buck, cofounder of Enso, creator of the report

Combating Illegal Burning at Palm Oil Plantations

DigitalGlobe high-resolution satellite imagery helps World Resources Institute and the Indonesian government to pinpoint locations of illegal palm oil fires and take action.

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