Discover how Maxar Space Infrastructure and Earth Intelligence capabilities help customers unlock new possibilities for a better world.

Keeping pace with change

Australia begins damage assessment

As Australian bushfires rage on, Maxar shortwave infrared (SWIR) imagery gives a clearer picture of where and how hot the fires are--helping government and emergency response organizations identify and navigate affected areas more quickly.

Maxar Spotlight: Global Development and Displacement

When we think of global development projects in developing countries, we tend to picture infrastructure modernization efforts intended to help the most impoverished populations. Unfortunately, data shows that the opposite is all too commonly true.

Future In-Space Operations

Tune in to the debut SpaceQ Winter Series 2020 podcast featuring Scott Tilley and Ty Lee of Maxar Technologies to hear about their work on the Power and Propulsion Element, critical Lunar Gateway technology for NASA’s return to the moon.

Robotics+AI on Mars

Lucy Condakchian, General Manager of robotics at Maxar, will be speaking at Tech Crunch’s TC Sessions: Robotics+AI this spring. Condakchian leads a team tackling robotic arms and cameras that aim to advance space exploration on Mars and Titan, Saturn’s largest moon.

A decade in review

The world changed significantly in the second decade of the 21st century. Here’s a look at some of the events captured by our satellite constellation and their impact on humanity.

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