Maxar brings together Earth and space technologies that enable unprecedented capabilities to observe, analyze and monitor, and communicate across our planet and throughout the solar system.

Solving Problems from Space


Government and commercial success enables DigitalGlobe to fulfill its purpose of Seeing a better world including responding to natural disasters, controlling the spread of disease and shining light on the refugee crisis.

How the 2017 Hurricanes of Harvey, Irma and Maria Transformed Crisis Mapping

12 years after Katrina, crisis mapping has been fundamentally transformed by the pervasiveness of geospatial data and open satellite imagery for disaster response.

GOES-17 Satellite is a Game Changer for Severe Weather Forecasts

NOAA's GOES-17 satellite will provide researchers and meteorologists with valuable data on weather systems—including violent storms, wildfires, lightning, and dense fog—in close to real time.

Telstar 19 VANTAGE Launch Success

The 50th SSL-built satellite launched this decade drives a competitive advantage for Telesat customers with high-throughput technology.

EarthWatch: A new era in accessing geospatial information

DigitalGlobe's new online subscription portal makes satellite imagery accessible to anyone.

Read this book

In "Pinpoint," Greg Milner tells the fascinating story of a technology that touches nearly every aspect of modern life and tracks the development of GPS from its origins to its present ubiquity.

NASA and JPL GRACE-FO Mission Tracking Earth's Water in Motion

SSL provided subsystems essential to the Grace Follow-On mission, developed to provide better predictions of water availability and higher-quality information on how to use and manage our planet’s valuable resources.

New App Uses RADARSAT-2 Imagery to Make Canadian Communities Safer

A new mobile phone app called "Safer Travel on Ice" generates an updated map of daily ice conditions in northern Canada using MDA's RADARSAT-2, reducing the dangers of travel on ever-changing terrain.

Tracking Eurasia Geopolitical Risk and Global Trade Development

Radiant Solutions spotlight on the regional events and trends in the South Caucasus region that have significant economic and geopolitical implications.

Supporting Ebola Response in the DRC

How crisis mapping from DigitalGlobe and road data from Radiant Solutions helped first responders treat and prevent Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Improving Refugee Camp Planning with the Crowd and Machine Learning

UNHCR is using DigitalGlobe satellite imagery and crowdsourcing to map and analyze refugee camps to assist ground site planning teams in decongestion efforts.

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