Maxar brings together Earth and space technologies that enable unprecedented capabilities to observe, analyze and monitor, and communicate across our planet and throughout the solar system.

Solving Problems in Space

Maxar Missions Video Series: Robotics in Space

Episode 1 is the story of how two Maxar companies, MDA and SSL, are developing technology that will change the satellite market with robotic servicing including refueling and repair.

Now is the Time for On-Orbit Satellite Servicing

The combination of on-orbit satellite servicing and assembly could drastically change the industry. SSL's Richard White explains to Via Satellite.

A Look into NASA's Dragonfly Program

Dragonfly is a robotic assembly-in-space program designed to provide flexibility with building and operating structures in space.

Canadarm2 Makes 30th 'Catch'

“We didn’t come close in terms of envisioning the amount that the arm would get used over the years … or all the things that we ended up using it for.” -Layi Oshinowo, Director of Robotics and Automation for MDA

SSL Partnering with NASA to Develop Space Exploration Tech

Maxar's SSL is collaborating with NASA to accelerate the development of high efficiency solar electric propulsion and in-orbit servicing and refueling.

What is on-orbit satellite servicing?

Learn more about this process that involves approaching a spacecraft in orbit, and modifying, repairing or refueling it in space.

How MDA played a big part in the success of NASA’s space shuttle program

Neptec (now part of MDA) and MDA itself have provided key instrumentation used on the space shuttle to construct the International Space Station and complete cutting-edge science experiments.

MDA to provide sensors for the SPACE DRONE on-orbit servicing spacecraft built by UK's Effective Space

Capable of extending the life of ageing satellites by as many as 15 years, the SPACE DRONE spacecraft uses MDA’s LIDAR and infrared camera to confidently and safely approach and dock with orbiting geostationary satellites.

Read this Book

In "Endurance," astronaut Scott Kelly shares an inspiring message for future generations about his record-breaking year aboard the International Space Station.

SSL Aims to Parlay NASA, DARPA Work into Viable In-Orbit Repair Business

SSL is investing in on-orbit servicing because “mission extension is a game changer. It's going to revolutionize how we treat the space domain.” -Michael Gabor, advanced programs director for SSL Government Systems speaking to Space News

What's it like to operate Canadarm2 on the ISS?

Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield provides a special look behind what it's like to be a robotic operator behind the controls of Canadarm2 on the International Space Station.

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