Maxar brings together Earth and space technologies that enable unprecedented capabilities to observe, analyze and monitor, and communicate across our planet and throughout the solar system.

Supporting Humanitarian Relief

Maxar in 120: Using Geospatial Data to Support Wildfire Response

The Camp Fire north of Sacramento, California destroyed the town of Paradise, burning over 7,600 structures, most of them homes. As part of Maxar's Open Data program, DigitalGlobe publicly released satellite imagery of affected areas to support disaster response. Watch this quick video to learn more.

Mapping Refugee Camps

DigitalGlobe provided satellite imagery to United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) innovation lab to map and analyze refugee camps to assist ground site planning teams in decongestion efforts.

Supporting Disaster Response in Brazil following Dam Collapse

Imagery from the MDA-built RADARSAT-2 is being used to provide support to rescue teams on the ground following the dam collapse in late January 2019 in Brumadinho, Brazil.

Providing Broadband Connectivity in Indonesia

The SSL-built Nusantara Satu satellite scheduled to launch early 2019 will act as a vital link for remote islands and villages in Indonesia to access emergency services, educational opportunities and other benefits of internet connectivity.


Learn how Radiant Solutions is implementing geospatial modeling techniques like map algebra to identify municipalities that are vulnerable and strategically important to Colombia's violent actors.

Mapping out the future of humanitarian response

Opinion piece from DevEx how open geospatial data can help to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire humanitarian and development system.

Using Big Data to Reduce the risk of natural disasters in Africa

A UN forum meeting discussed how synergies between social media, crowdsourcing and satellite imagery can offer benefits for disaster risk reduction and sustainable development in developing countries.

Helping Indonesian Relief Workers Sort Through Earthquake

Satellite imagery released through DigitalGlobe's Open Data program helped relief workers to navigate destruction from the earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia in September 2018.

Supporting the Ebola Response in the Democratic Republic of Congo

To help the Ebola response, DigitalGlobe used a combination of machine learning-based algorithms and very high-resolution satellite imagery to map 130,000 km² of Equateur Province in DRC, providing the data to our in-country partners like PATH and Doctors without Borders.

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